The Zero Talent Zone


I am declaring Term 4 the ‘Zero Talent’ zone. 

Let me begin with the following disclaimer: in advocating the powerful virtue of the following 10 things that require zero talent, I am proposing that, regardless of your degree of academic success so far this year, you are able to bring great qualities to bear that will make a substantial difference. I am not advocating that talent is unnecessary. 

We readily acknowledge the importance of talent. Our ‘Calvin’s Got Talents’ program affirms that people have unique talents. We emphasise that with the motivation of a good cause, a heart that yearns with compassion for others, and God given creativity we are able to make a difference in the lives of individuals and community. 

Term 4 is often a time when students... [can] choose to become resigned to a less than ideal outcome...

We acknowledge that people are gifted according to their purpose. These gifts are bestowed unevenly. The causes of individuality, community and freedom require that to be the case. Individuality is self-evident in that we must all be different. Community requires difference to succeed in the way that the apostle Paul tells us that we are all parts of one body (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). Freedom requires diversity. 

Term 4 is often a time when students audit their academic progress and choose to become resigned to a less than ideal outcome. Comparison is the prime reason for this demotivation. Students compare their progress to their ideal and are persuaded by the distance remaining rather than by the progress made. Secondly, they compare themselves to others and are too often discouraged. Comparison is a scourge of achievement in this regard. 

The ‘10 things’ can be the antidote in this regard. Everyone has them in equal measure. 

The secret to their power is that they are a multiplier. Whatever talent you do have is multiplied by the application of these qualities. Consider the list carefully and you will see how every gift and talent would be amplified by applying the ‘10 things’. 

The equation might look something like this:

Unexpected Success = (Natural IQ) x (Passion + Effort + Attitude + Doing Extra + Being Coachable)

I encourage everyone to approach the last term of 2019 with a powerful mix of audacious goals, a positive attitude and a liberal sprinkling of these 10 things that require zero talent.

I declare the next eight weeks as the ‘Zero Talent’ zone.