Excellence in Christian Education

Calvin Christian School supports students to learn at their optimum and equip them in their areas of gifting. We offer young people the opportunity to belong to a community that cares about their character and wellbeing, enabling them to Be their Best


Commitment & Continuity

Our school is committed to working with parents to provide students with excellence in Christian education. At Calvin we educate for the future by teaching thinking, fostering service, and nurturing identity. Our students have the opportunity to stay in the same school from Kindergarten to Year 12, benefitting from a continuity of values and expectations. Our campus is located in Kingston, Tasmania.

Be Your Best

The greatest challenge is to Be the Best person that we can be. We want to emphasise the importance of love, compassion, courage, dignity, generosity of spirit, and honesty.  In Christianity the concept of Being is vital. Through the intervention of Jesus, we are able to move from our fallen nature to being a new creation.



In an age when children are told their identity is defined by what they do, or how they look, we affirm that character counts. Defining who you are is always the first step in building character. The Christian emphasis in life can be explained in the following sequence: I need to ‘Be’ in order to ‘Do’, in order to ‘Have’.

In the future our students will be entrepreneurs, scholars, leaders and team members. They will be husbands and wives. They will be parents. They will encourage greatness in others.



To be successful you need to:

  • Be persistent

  • Be visionary

  • Be dedicated

  • Be courageous

  • Be the person who crosses the room to lend a hand

  • Be able to think

  • Be loyal

  • Be tenacious