It is my pleasure to welcome you to
Calvin Christian School! 


We believe that the purpose of a school is to help a family raise a child. We come alongside to bring the educational speciality to the endeavour of growing children into the future that God has prepared for them.

Our School was founded upon the belief that God gave parents the responsibility to raise their children. Parents shape outlook, build character, and walk with a child for a lifetime. Parents are not only the first educators, but in most ways they are the primary educators of children.

The culture of Be your Best pervades the school. Character is the essential foundation for life. Calvin students are encouraged to ‘Be’ courageous, persistent, compassionate, disciplined, and creative thinkers. 

The Calvin Christian School community is a vibrant one in which your child can be affirmed and extended. We foster in students an understanding of their identity, and the refinement of their talents and capabilities.

It is a truism that, “If we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything”. We clarify a student’s worldview. We are unashamedly Christian in our perspective. We provide a Christian education for the children of believers and to those who esteem traditional values. 


Whether your child will grow to be a scholar, scientist, artist, builder, technologist, or sportsperson we have the pathway that can foster their development. Our curriculum, standards, and experiences create a framework of pathways through which students discover, define and refine themselves.

I warmly invite you take a tour of our campus or make an appointment with our registrar to learn more about how Calvin can help your child to Be their Best.

Iain Belôt - Principal