Kindergarten to Year 6

The Primary Campus provides a safe, supportive and dynamic environment, which enables young children to approach school life with enthusiasm, confident that they are loved and valued.

Early Years Learning Framework

Our Kindergarten uses the Early Years Learning Framework to shape its curriculum and outlook. This means all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.

Australian Curriculum

Classes from Prep to Year 6 follow the  Australian Curriculum. While the Australian Curriculum sets the expectations for what Calvin students are taught, our teachers choose contexts for learning, and plan learning in ways that best fit Christian beliefs and worldview as well as the vision for Christian Education.  Through the Australian Curriculum framework, we aim to grow students into independent thinkers who are able to use creativity, invention, and logic to present and interpret their views and the views of others.


Core Subjects

Working according to the Australian Curriculum guidelines, reading, writing, and spelling are taught using the Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills (THRASS) methodology. This evidence-based approach enables our teachers to support multi-level classes and mixed abilities. Mathematics from Year 5 use the Maths Pathways program. This allows students to work at their own level, freeing the teacher to focus on areas of mathematical weakness in individual students.


Regular contact with parents from class teacher and formally reporting on student progress regularly throughout the year.


Other Subjects

Some of our other subjects include

  • Languages other than English (LOTE) - more content here

  • Music - The music program includes learning to sing, play instruments, perform, read and analyse music, and create their own music. Calvin also fosters relationships with experienced music tutors who are able to offer additional assistance to students.

  • Physical and Outdoor Education - In addition to weekly sessions students benefit from, Field trips, excursions and visits to places of interest are part of every year group’s teaching and learning program. Year 5 and 6 students visit Canberra every second year.

  • Drama - All students at the Primary Campus participate in a drama or musical production held every second year.

After School Care

After school care is provided by Stepping Stones Children’s Services. To find out more please contact them on 1300 665 699, or email or by filling out this form.