Thank You!

This year’s Oliebollen Festival, held last weekend, was a tremendous success. 


My abundant and sincere thanks to the organising committee and to school council for all their work in organising such a wonderful day of celebration for our community and honouring the spirit of our founders.

The Oliebollen Committee members are Ingrid Hartog, Kristina Parnham, Michelle Tromp, Elisa Severini, Carina Van der Kley, Lisa Cosentino, Sarah Marchioli, Anna Stam, and Trina Mangels.

My abundant and sincere thanks to the organising committee and to school council

Our school council members are Jeff Rivendell, Gen Muenchhagen, Elisa Severini, Stephen Hofman, and Neesha-Marie Hartog. 

These parents make a significant difference in the lives of everyone in our school community. They have my thanks and appreciation for the visionary work that they undertake to enable events like Oliebollen and others to enrich our community. 

There were a great number of parents and community members who laboured long and hard on the day. We are indebted to your enthusiasm in work and commitment to the vision of the school and the Festival’s place in it.

There were a great number of parents and community members who laboured long and hard on the day. We are indebted to your enthusiasm in work and commitment.

One initiative that brought joy and learning was the inclusion this year of student baristas, who served people throughout the day on Saturday. Several weeks ago, students undertook barista training. They worked to develop their skills during the co-curricular lesson by making coffee for the staff. Each student received feedback on their coffee creation via an online survey. Under the guidance of Pat and Anna Stam, confidence and skill developed quickly. The students were in no doubt of the delight their work brought staff as they were awaited with eager anticipation and met with great enthusiasm. A simple activity that connected staff and students in a most affirming and encouraging manner.

Prestigious Award

We congratulate the exceptional achievement of Caleb Boonstra who has been awarded the Australian Defence Force Academy’s (ADFA) Education Award for 2019. This is a very sought-after award with only two being presented in Tasmania this year, and as such, is a commendation of the highest order for Caleb. 

School Surveys

I extend my thanks to all the parents, students and staff who completed the satisfaction surveys in recent months. I received these yesterday and they are very encouraging and informative. This feedback is vital for us to understand your perceptions. It is only one measure of our seeking to understand the experiences of members in our community. In the coming weeks, at the commencement of next term, it is my intention to have some focus group meetings with parents to further clarify the reasons for particular answers. I look forward to making these connections in a relaxed and conversational manner. The details of these meetings will be communicated early next term.

Iain Belôt – Principal

Oliebollen and Announcements



On the eve of Oliebollen, I wish to thank the School Council and the Oliebollen Committee for their exceptional dedication to the cause of Calvin in Community.

It is noteworthy that the Oliebollen Festival is the third biggest event in Kingston after Australia Day and Anzac Day.

The small group of volunteers who organise the Festival are quite remarkable for their dedication, efficiency and vision. The funds raised from this year’s event will be used to support the resourcing of Kindergarten and Prep classes, as we continue to offer an exceptional beginning to school.

A free shuttle bus service has been organised to alleviate the parking congestion around the school.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another blockbuster of an occasion. Last year we estimated that 15,000 people attended the event. Please come and be one of the many who attend this year.

Curriculum Leaders Announced

The learning outcomes of students in our primary school are impressive by any measure. This is widely recognised and an element contributing to the growth in enrolments. We are committed to securing this excellence and broadening the areas in which students may excel.

To this end, I am pleased to announce the creation of two new leadership positions in the primary school. The role of Curriculum Leader will focus on organising learning, supporting excellent instruction, and working to support in professional development.

I am pleased to announce that Karalyn Bylsma is the Curriculum Leader for Years K to Year 2, and Colleen Anning is the Curriculum Leader for Years 3 to 6. Karalyn and Colleen will begin these roles immediately, and have been appointed until the conclusion of 2021. These appointments will allow our school to continue to increase its excellence in learning and care.

I would like at this time to express my gratitude to both Andrew Nash and the staff, both teachers and aides, for their work in teaching and learning. The teachers have worked very effectively as a team in recent years. The effective team work and commitment to Christian Education is the very reason our students progress so capably. This new structure will afford both greater support and issues to be addressed more specifically.

I would like to commend the work and passion of Andrew Nash. Since joining us Andrew has carried these responsibilities for curriculum within his role as Deputy Principal. He has done a wonderful job in building community, bringing efficiency and fostering a climate of care.

Iain Belôt – Principal

More impressive than you realised


Impressive students were everywhere I looked this week, and there were a lot of places to look.

  • Basketball fixtures

  • Showcase performances and presentations

  • Tournament of Minds preparations for the final this Saturday 7 September

  • ICAS tests in the Primary School

  • Year 9 students collecting for Legacy

  • Building Bridges training for leaders

  • The vocal group performing at the City of Clarence Eisteddfod

  • German students competing in the Goethe poetry competition.

These were just some of the major activities this week.

In these situations, and so many more, students are seeing personal improvement and teamwork as the status quo

These folk were impressive in a host of different ways. Some displayed great virtuosity, like Daniella Knibbe, Imogen Brouwer and Zac Vonk who astounded us with their solo music performances.

Others, like the Year 9 students collecting for Legacy and the Year 10—11 leaders training for Building Bridges stepped into relative degrees of the unknown for the benefit of others. There was even a lovely friendly rivalry between the boys and girls collecting for Legacy to see who collected the most.

The vocal ensemble stepped out to perform in a new competition and acquitted themselves exceptionally well in the judge’s commentary.

In the basketball our Division One team defeated Friends’ School, our Year 10 girls team defeated St Mary’s College, and our Year 8 girls were defeated by Sacred Heart College. These players have embraced the improvement required to perform in a more competitive and skilled competition.

In these situations, and so many more, students are seeing personal improvement and teamwork as the status quo, and the raison d’être of what we do.

We continue to define ‘impressive’ and ‘having a go’ as giving something your best shot and participating. We continue to encourage students to believe that they are better for trying, reaching and, yes, even failing. We have vanquished the defeatist spirit of ‘at least we were not last’ that once existed at Calvin. There was no evidence of that spirit this week. We continue to endorse the vital outlook of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Impressive was everywhere!

A mentor once explained the role of the Holy Spirit through the metaphor of a young boxer’s fight coach. The coach of a young boxer needs to select opponents for bouts that will be neither too hard nor too easy. The fight coach knows that matching a novice against a world champion is pointless for learning and dangerous for welfare. An opponent that is too easy produces overconfidence and complacency. The fight coach knows that the right opponent exposes weakness and recruits improvements in skill and attitude.

The fight coach is an appropriate metaphor for the work of the Holy Spirit. It is this same approach that frames how our staff work with students and how our co-curricular and academic programs position students for growth.

You could physically see this at work this week. Impressive was everywhere!

Iain Belôt – Principal