Christianity or religion isn’t something we teach separately from the curriculum it’s embedded in everything we do.

Christian education invites young people to see and understand the world through the perspective of God’s truth. The Bible becomes the lens through which students view what they are learning. The lens focuses their thinking on ultimate truth: a biblical vision for life where the world is created and sustained by God. We believe God has acted in history to deal with the distortions of creation caused by human rebellion, and that history is advancing towards a new creation in which all things are reconciled to God through Jesus. Jesus is not only the climax of the biblical story but is also the focal point of the lens.

Why Christian Schools Film


A Way of Living

Christian education is not just about a Christian way of understanding. It is also about a Christian way of living. When Jesus said “Follow me”, he was expecting people to dedicate their whole lives to serving God. Christian education informs, invites, and inspires young people to live this way. The Christian school offering Christian education seeks to teach this way of life every day through all that is done and taught. It does this in a setting of a unified community of love and learning between parents, children, and teachers.


Partnership with parents

Parents have the ultimate responsibility to educate their children towards a biblical way of knowing and a Christian way of living. The Christian school community is a partnership with parents and the school sharing in this vision.

How can I be involved?

Your Christian school exists because of faithful parents. Your involvement is not only something that will be welcomed but is crucial for the life of the school. Join in. Bring other parents with you. Ask your child’s teacher how you can help or contact us.


Calvin Christian School offers continuous schooling from
Kindergarten to Year 12.

We know it takes time to settle into a new school. This continuity means that we set up positive learning paths that maximize the achievement of our students, and allow them to fully benefit from the values we offer. A consistency of ethos means that we get to know our students and ensure they are well looked after.



We have affordable fees that don’t compromise standards and educational outcomes. If you can afford a one-hour music lesson for your child each week, you can afford one of our schools!

For families who still can’t afford our fees, we offer a very generous fee assistance program. The bottom line is that if you value Christian education, we’ll find a way to make sure you can access it. Please contact us to find out more.


The Best Education

Our school offers a much more bespoke education than a government school. Students can be accelerated and get extra help they need. This allows teachers to focus on each individual child enabling them to be their best. Our class sizes are often smaller than average government school classes.

We ensure that our teachers are trained in the very best classroom practice. Our school is well-funded and highly resourced. You can be assured our students get the very best support in their learning journey.